Your health is an investment,
not an expense.

Imagine a place where an exclusive and unique healing approach awaits. A place where you can relax, renew and reconnect with quality, restorative services to guarantee you less tension, anxiety and stress.

To best support our clients on their personalised health care journey, choose from life changing benefits of one on one or group life coaching or the therapeutic benefits of Remedial Massage therapy, Reflexology, and assisted stretching /or our unique boutique workshops for small groups, to engage, enlighten and educate.

Client Testimonials

“Cynthia Talone has been an influencer in the Health and Wellbeing space for over two decades. She has touched the lives of her students, peers, friends and clients in a profoundly positive way. I have been there every step of the way with her and witnessed her not only educate but lead by example.”
Brook Ramage – Managing Director of Mornington Peninsula Hotsprings, Victoria

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