Massage or Reflexology appointments are best made with a minimum of 2 days notice.
Text me with your preferred days and times and I will do my utmost to accommodate you.
New clients will need to book a 90m session.

Life Coaching 20m “get to know you” Free consultations are conducted over the phone and subsequent Life Coaching sessions are scheduled once contracts are discussed and payment finalised. Skype calls are conducted if more convenient.

My general hours of operation are: Mondays 4.30-7.30; Tuesdays 8am-2pm; Thursdays 8am-6pm, Fridays 8-12 and Saturday 8am-2pm.

Respect, integrity and punctuality are important to me.
I have a 24 hours cancellation policy for this reason barring any unusual circumstances. No shows will incur a full fee.
Yes. I offer my Massage clients a loyalty program and discounts for packages of 10. For every person you refer, this counts towards your loyalty total – every 5th treatment you are entitled to an additional 15m and every 10th treatment, an additional 30m.
Gift certificates are a wonderful gift and have a 6mth expiry.
You can purchase any treatments including life coaching packages from the website.
I also offer incentives for Teachers who book presentations and help to promote term break or weekend workshops.
Yes, of course. I have been massaging men for 20 years, however I only take referrals for men’s massage as my business is home based.
I also treat men (the forgotten ones) needing support through fertility coaching.
All Massage and Reflexology treatments are to be paid on the day of treatment. Cash is easier however, paypal transfers are accepted and some clients prefer to pay in advance to secure their times. I will email you a receipt so you may claim from your health fund.

Life coaching services are paid in advance (paypal or bank transfer) at the beginning of each month’s coaching cycle.

HICAPS is available at the Coogee clinic where I work Mondays 10-7, Tuesday evenings 3-9 and Wednesdays 10-5.
Ask me about this if this if Coogee is a more convenient option for you.

Most Massage and Reflexology treatments are claimable (it depends on your health fund conditions).

Life Coaching is paid at the beginning of each month (for a 3 month coaching contract).
I do this because a commitment to change requires a commitment in time and energy. Alot of work goes into preparing a program for each individual (every individual is different) and the email support and accountability relies on both of us. As life coaching is not problem focused, chances are you will achieve resolution a little quicker than standard therapy.
Please note, I will not diagnose or label you and if you are finding the process too difficult or are not committed to making the changes, Life Coaching may not for you and I will be the first to let you know.
You will be required to give a minimum of 2 weeks notice for cancellations of contracts, the balance of which will be refunded (i.e.: 2 weeks will be refunded, as 1 month is paid in advance).
I have a clinic in my home in Alexandria and as it is my home, I am discerning about who I treat and coach.
I am happy to conduct Coaching sessions in my home, via Skype or in your home (if within 10km of the CBD)
No. This is for teens and they need their space too. As long as the child commits to the sessions, and not in danger of harming themselves or others, confidentiality is assured. Contracts and criteria need to be adhered to for all programs, coaching and workshops and no responsibility will be taken if your child doesn’t complete tasking or takes action to ameliorate the opportunity provided to them. Sessions will also become void if a “no show” occurs and contracts cancelled if teens disrespect the process. Monies will not be refunded in this instance.
Whether Life Coaching or Massage, if your child doesn’t show up for their session, the investment will be forfeited. Unreliability will not be tolerated and contracts may be prematurely ceased. I understand things can happen from time to time, and every circumstance is unique however, respect and integrity are important to me as I am sure they are to you.
Believe me, I have been asked this question.

‘You don’t have to be a horse to be a horse trainer, do you?
In the end, whether we give birth, adopt, foster, nurse, teach, nanny or are the best aunties, women have this maternal gift, this nurturing ability that grounds us, and it is uniquely divine.

Having taught for 32 years gives me an underestimated advantage to coach teens objectively (I would say, even more than a parent). You will see them through 7 years of teenage hood, I have seen them through many more.

I still receive private messages from my former students asking me for advice and sufficed to say, sometimes I know more about their wants and needs than their own parents.

My life coaching and massage business is my “baby”.  Helping others gives me a sense of purpose. My aim is to help you find yours.

Anyone who would question my intentions or my ability to empathise, help and assist, is certainly free to work with someone else.

As your life coach, (not therapist), I will help you get crystal clear on what you really want in your life, uncover what is holding you back and help you take action steps to achieve your vision by keeping you accountable and invested in the process.

I will empower you with tools and support for you to broaden your perspective and open your mind, so you can achieve your outcomes faster. To do this, I will help you clear out unhelpful habits or doubts, build self-confidence and self-belief.

I specialise in coaching Women going through assisted reproduction, in achieving their ideal weight, to finding that soul mate and goal setting.

For Teens, I deliver a “Fit to Lead, Fit to Play, Fit to Be and Fit to Grow” workshop series and privately coach Teens (one on one or in small groups) to set achievable goals, boost performance and bust procrastination.

* I may incorporate Remedial massage, Reflexology or Hypnosis in my sessions and although no one session is ever the same, the results will speak for themselves.

Bookings are by appointment only and may be taken online or generated with a quick text.

I see clients face to face in my home, their home, or via Skype or phone and provide email support during the course of our contract.

* When choosing to work with a Life coach ensure they are certified and insured, trust your instinct and use the introductory session to determine if you have a good fit.

You are free to seek the services of a counsellor or psychologist and I will be the first to refer you if this is the case.

I have over 32 years experience in Education, Health and the Fitness industry and am a licensed and accredited Remedial Massage therapist and Reflexologist,
an NLP Master practitioner, Master Time Line Therapist and Hypnotherapist.

I have presented to numerous schools, namely Conservatorium high school, Sydney Girls HS, Birrong Girls HS, James Ruse HS, Pymble ladies college, Sydney Secondary Distance Education HS and many more.

I have completed additional training in Peer support, Mind Matters, Resilience Doughtnut, Accidental counselor and Senior first aid, have registration and insurance and appropriate referral networks to GPs, Osteopaths, natural therapists and psychologists.

Workshops get participants fully involved in the learning process: small and large group discussions, activities & exercises, opportunities to practice applying the concepts that are presented.

Seminars tend to be more one-way from the presenter without opportunities for practice or application nor do they actively engage participants in the process.

The Life Coaching process is developmental and an ongoing interaction between the Coach and the Client. Using questions, reflections, explanations, metaphors, tasks, guiding focus and exercises, your growth, learning, professional development, and personal benchmarks will be multiplied. The Coach creates and facilitates change, elicits, selects, trains, asks meaningful questions, motivates, creates insight, explains, tasks, evokes, challenges, stimulates, supports and encourages your self- expression.

The focus is on YOU, the client, achieving your coaching goals and outcomes.
* NB – The commitment you make in the coaching process is tantamount to you achieving more balance, joy, energy, focus and action in every area of your life.

All coaching programs vary – from one hour per week for 3 months or more, to one off sessions and packages tailored to the personalized needs of the client.

The introductory coaching session helps me to collect valuable information regarding where you are and where you would like to be in relation to the context of your issue.

A coaching plan is formulated, coaching dates secured and payment made.

Email contact in between visits is provided and we check in to evaluate where you are at the end of your prescribed journey.
* Contracts may be cancelled by either parties at any time given 2 weeks notice.

The Coach will not be accountable for the failure of the client to not achieve the results they expect.

Much like counseling, or any form of therapy, the onus is on the client to embrace the changes ahead, complete the required tasking/opportunity work and will need to remain 100% committed in achieving the change they desire.

Can you put a price tag on spending every day doing something you truly enjoy or finding yourself being at peace with your past or having a passion for something that surpasses anything you have experienced in your life? This is what Life Coaching can do for you.
I will help you discover what you truly want from life and then help you develop a plan to achieve your goal(s).

I provide in-person life coaching in Sydney NSW (Alexandria) or can coach via Skype or phone anywhere else in the world. If you have any questions or would like to have an obligation-free call about coaching, contact me here – I’d love to chat with you!

Bookings are generally from referrals only and all bookings need prior notice (minimum 4-7 days).
A minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 4 hours is required for all home or hotel bookings and is available to residents or visitors within 10km of the CBD.
Fees: $330 (2) / $660 (4)
Fees exclude parking fees.