If you do what you love,
you’ll never work a day in your life
Marc Anthony

I’m sure you’d agree, everyone in life has a passion, a calling or a dream.  For me, passion is born from knowing what we have been put on this earth to do, and my dream is to make a difference in the health and wellbeing of all my clients.

Defining experiences have led me here, with the premature death of my mother due to medical negligence, a journey through infertility, a wrong diagnosis, and leaving a teaching job I once loved. This journey has allowed me to comprehend where inner strength, health appreciation and self-acceptance reside.

My career has spanned 32 years and has revolved around education, personal development, health and natural therapies.

In this fast paced, quick fix world, if I am blessed enough to work with you,
I hope I exceed your expectations
and you exceed yours.

Cynthia 🙂