I don’t need clients, I want clients who aren’t afraid to invest in their health

As an holistic “life” coach for women and children, I do teach best what we most need to learn. I, (we), all need to learn patience, so I teach mindfulness and meditation, we need to learn to heal ourselves, so I heal others through body therapies and we need to learn to give back, so I become of service to others, with life coaching.

I’ve been called a sorcerer, an angel in disguise, devil hands and probably worse when I am trigger pointing a glute let me tell you, and I have been blessed to have worked with and helped so many individuals who I have equally garnered learning from.

I work from an inner city clinic at KOA Recovery Centre (for the moment) where I treat my clients and love facilitating small workshops both in schools and privately. My initial market were women and teens, however with the massage treatments I provide, my market has expanded to include all.

I am discreet with whom I take on as clients and prefer those who are respectful of the work I do especially considering Massage Therapists are a dime a dozen.

I don’t just massage clients, I treat holistically.

I don’t need clients. I want clients who want to invest in their health and who will allow me to help them to heal and find some calm in this crazy world.

I realise I have chosen a challenging market especially re workshops.
Mothers and busy women often don’t give permission or have the time to nurture themselves and teens on the other hand are not invested unless they can see an immediate benefit – WIIFM and is there food and wifi involved or until they can learn to trust who they are dealing with.

But, I am up for a challenge because I know that the investment you make in your health will come back 10fold.

So, while we know we can do something about getting well and now is as good a time as any, why not start with a massage, or a reflexology treatment and let’s see where the road takes us?

I vow to help you believe that you are the magnet to all of life’s possibilities.
Cynthia Talone

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