Sacred Contract

An unforgettable workshop where mums
and teen daughters thrive, not just survive

By the time a woman realizes her mother was right,
she has a daughter who thinks she’s wrong. Anon

From the moment a mother holds her baby daughter for the first time, she may be unaware SHE will be the largest influence in the development of her self identity.

The Sacred Contract Workshop
will enable teenage girls and their mothers to bridge the disconnect they may begin to experience as their daughters assert their independence and will encourage opportunities to explore emotional awareness, the age gap, challenges growing from girlhood to womanhood, communicating respectfully, developing new self-esteem strategies and avoiding those dreaded confrontations and conflicts. Activities are designed to strengthen the relationship between mother and daughter, encourage critical thinking in regards to media and self image, and reconnect wherever you are in your relationship with each other.

We will focus on the following insights during the course of the workshop:

Having realistic expectations and setting boundaries
Communicating using ‘I’ statements, rather than being accusatory
Being engaged, not just involved
Putting yourself in each others shoes
Sticking to the present
Group Project (mother and daughter)
Group Discussion (mothers only)
Group Discussion (daughters only)
The Sacred contract

Interactive activities will empower mothers with effective skills to help raise confident, independent young women and all participants will enjoy a high tea experience and a take home goodie bag.

To host a workshop for your school, community group or to enquire about the next available workshop for yourself/daughter, please fill out our contact form below:
Come in any configuration: solo, two generations, three generations, or any iteration of sisterhood.
Cultural differences may impact communication skills, so the workshop may be customised to the audience.