Before lying down on Cynthia’s massage table, she asked me what areas of the body I wanted her to focus on.
I’ve had some pain in my knees ever since starting the bootcamp (just went to the physio last week, I now know it’s patellofemoral pain caused by a tight ITB), so I was hoping that she could help me out in that department. Cynthia is not only a massage therapist, but also a life coach with 30yrs of experience of working with people from all walks f life and specializes in remedial/sport massages, reflexology/trigger point therapy and also includes a lot of assisted stretching.
Hands down this is the best massage that I have EVER gotten! Not because her touch was soft and relaxing, ‘cause nop you’re not gonna get that with Cynthia, but because I felt like she knew eeeexactly what she was doing and every touch was with intention and purpose. I’ve honestly never had anyone work on my knees the way she did, and for the first time I actually felt like a massage was helping my knees get better.
I’m sure if I were to go to Cynthia regularly, it would help heaps with my pain. All throughout we had a lovely conversation and she also gave breathing queues, put magnesium oil on me, a herbal patch on my eyes and to top it all off there was homemade kombucha made by Cynthia herself. I don’t think a massage can get any better than this. Can’t recommend this service highly enough!

“Cynthia gives the best massage treatments. They are an experience, and I have had many, many treatments in my life. I value her insight and she has helped me through some trying times in my life too so I can see her being a highly sought after Life Coach, without a doubt. I cannot recommend her highly enough”.
Michael, Alexandria

“Brilliant treatment. Not for the faint hearted as she will work on areas you didn’t realise needed it. Cynthia is so good at what she does she will often tell you to hate her “now” and thank her later. You will definitely get more than your monies worth seeing this woman for treatment. Wish I discovered her sooner”. Michael, Zetland.

“Cynthia gives fantastic massages and they saved me from going loopy as I felt hopeless watching my wife go through yet another cycle. The men often get left out of this one and I am glad she was there to support me when I needed it most”.
Name withheld for personal reasons

My massage with Cynthia was amazing ! Honestly one of the best massages I’ve had – I can’t believe I haven’t been to see you guys earlier when I live around the corner.
I will definitely be back and I will refer my boyfriend and my housemate. I felt so good afterwards it really got rid of all of the tension. Looking forward to my next one! Hannah

Our students love Cynthia’s classes, and wish they could be part of the curriculum.
The massage breaks are a highlight and the meditation a bonus for our girls who are increasingly anxious and stressed.
J Hoveling, former PDHPE head teacher at
Birrong girls High School

“Cynthia helped me to get into shape after I had my baby and the additional energy I had made a difference to my whole family, sleep and recovery. Her advice and caring attitude blew me away and I thank her immensely for her support, humour and friendship”. Janine, Rosebay

“Cynthia’s sessions were intense and I was exhausted and slept for what felt like days afterwards. She helped me to dispel limiting beliefs about not being a good mother and the fear I had about going through another cycle diminished. I cannot recommend Cynthia highly enough”. Name withheld for personal reasons.

“The TWO WEEK WAIT is horrendous for any woman.
Cynthia helped me to quell any fear and anxiety with hypnosis techniques and it has made such a massive difference to how I approach my fertility treatments. I know success is just around the corner. Thank you so much”. Name withheld for personal reasons.

“Cynthia was fabulous. She was responsive to my feed back and pushed me just far enough for some significant benefit.
I felt the stretching for a couple of days with no pain. Will definitely return to see her. Good value for the money. Thank you”
Michael Burns – USA

“Last year was very difficult and scary for me in terms of my health – after experiencing very mild symptoms, I was diagnosed with a severe congenital heart defect that resulted in me requiring many needles, invasive tests and ultimately open heart surgery. I’d also never had a general anaesthetic before. To be told at 26 that you have severe heart failure is a terrifying experience and that knowledge, combined with the many doctors visits had me feeling frightened and out of control. Through a combination of Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy, Cynthia helped me to understand my fear and reshape my perception of the medical “experience” I was going through, from one of negativity and fear to one of positivity – everything I was going through was helping my body to be well and to heal. The Hypnotherapy was specifically targeted at my fear of waking up with the breathing tube still in. I woke up from surgery calm, aware and unaffected by the breathing tube. Cynthia Talone helped me make this experience interesting and empowering – a chance to learn about myself which helped me feel in control – something which I could not have done without her warm strong presence and support”. Netta Danger Dor

“I decided to see Cynthia Talone for some coaching for my new business and for goal setting. From the outset, Cynthia made me feel so comfortable as we established what my values were, she supported me and guided me to make clear goals which she integrated with the timeline therapy. I am blown away at how different I felt after my first session. I noticed that I was thinking differently and I noticed that my mind felt different, by the way I was responding to things that had happened in the week between our sessions. I am amazed how clear I am about where I am going with my life and my business and trust me I have tried several different styles of counselling over the years. Cynthia has brilliant communication skills at asking the most perfect questions at the perfect time to reveal to yourself what is going on for you which when mixed with her own intuition makes her a brilliant coach and guide.
I feel like a better version of myself and this was achieved in only three sessions. My future feels different, I am optimistic and clear and I am deeply grateful for Cynthia”.
Thank you. Martin Byne Quinn, Zetland

“Thank you for looking after my three – Kartini, Kartika & Kyati. And all the kids, especially after the Big Change!
You have touched all their lives”
Kerry Martin

“The pow wows, the mindful meditations, the dnms, the walks- you taught us how to be loving towards ourselves and each other. We were so blessed to have been your students”. Minh Thi Tran

“I did a Personal Breakthrough Session with Cynthia to help me to get over the pain of past relationships. This was a 5 hour session which was intense but especially valuable and beneficial to me because I learnt so much more about myself and got rid of each of the limiting beliefs which prevented me from having the confidence to attract a partner in the future. I now see relationships in a whole new way, and I cannot describe in words how that feels, other than saying that I feel like a new person. Cynthia is a very professional, committed, patient, gentle and understanding who has a real gift in connecting with people. I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone who is looking to get past all negative emotions and limiting beliefs so that they too can make breakthroughs and start living a more meaningful life just like me. A good therapist can make all the difference. I am forever grateful to Cynthia”. L. Chaudri, Sydney

“I have known Cynthia Talone (I still want to call her ‘Miss T’) for nearly 10 years now, since I first met her as a year 7 student at the Conservatorium High School, where she took Performance Workshop and PDHPE classes. Ever since I first met her, she has been an irreplaceable source of help for me in the areas of mental and physical well-being. Throughout high school she equipped all of her students with the knowledge and awareness of our own bodies and minds we needed to be able to sustain our practice and performance as young budding musicians. In recent months she has come back into my life at a time when I needed guidance in regards to my career as a performer. Despite being three years out of high school, Cynthia was still the first person I thought of when I decided it was time to seek assistance for improving my performance mindset. Full of warmth and compassion, I knew that I could trust her and that her positive attitude would rub off on me. And it did! Our recent sessions have been both an educational and spiritual experience for me, and I feel that I have both ‘let go’ of certain limiting ideas that were holding me back, as well as adopted new empowering thoughts about myself. I have seen a massive improvement in my overall sense of worth as a musician, as well as being far better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of this sort of lifestyle. Further more I have learn’t techniques that help me to deal with more difficult moments and as a result I feel that things will only get easier and easier from here on. I am very excited for the future (no longer afraid and pessimistic) and this is thanks to having someone like Miss T (Cynthia) who was willing to help me confront my demons and unlock my potential. I believe that anyone who is in emotional or physical distress as a result of the pressures of performance would benefit from sessions with Cynthia, and I am totally confident that as the months go by she will build a cohort of delighted clients, all of who will rave about the wonderful experience that brought such great changes to their life and gave them new direction and drive”. Thankyou Miss T! Emma Stephenson.

Simple, but no less effective, sometimes you need the human touch. Massage therapist Cynthia offers remedial and sports massage, reflexology, trigger point therapy, assisted stretching and cupping. Writer’s note: she’s really v good.

“In the early days of my career as a Professional Opera Singer, my work with Cynthia enabled me to find my true voice, and open up in my performances throughout my final years at school, in a high-pressured, high-level performing environment. Cynthia’s therapies, counseling, understanding and wonderful personality put every one of us at ease, and in a better position to be true to ourselves and work from our own inner strength. From Reiki and Massage, to Performance Coaching – she is just amazing. I cannot recommend her highly enough. ” Allegra Giagu – www.AllegraGiagu.com

  • “I don’t think words are enough to express how grateful I am for how supportive and understanding and positive you’ve been! You were more than a teacher, you were my rock and I’m sure many other students’ support system when they had no one to talk to, and someone that I completely trust to talk to about everything and anything. I wish you could’ve spent my last year at the Con with our grade but I’m sure we will see each other soon. Good luck with the future and thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our school and for me” Sophia Kalo

“As a professional musician, practicing meditation and relaxation techniques have become an important part of my daily routine. Learning the art of both has allowed me to increase my length of concentration, focus my energy more efficiently, and overcome challenges I would not have previously been able to overcome. I studied both areas (and also physical education) with Cynthia Talone during my time at the Conservatorium High School. The skills she taught me have greatly enhanced every aspect of my life, particularly my time management skills and my ability to keep cool under pressure. I’ve been able to accomplish many things during my career with the skills I learned with Cynthia, without them, I’m positive I would not have progressed as far as I have.” – Duncan Spry, Professional Tuba player, Chicago, USA.

“The treatment I had was excellent and Cynthia was amazing. The remedial massage was spot on for me and really helped. I have Thai massage on a regular basis back in London where I’m from as well as seeing my osteopath every couple of weeks due to having played competitive sport most of my life. Coupled with at least 2 snowboarding trips every year I have many areas from head to toe that I need help with so it was brilliant to find another therapy that sorts me out. I’m now off to Bali to surf for a week which without Cynthia I would struggle to do. Thank you so much”. Leon Williams – Service Director

“I feel really good 🙂 Bit sore, which is what I expected, but otherwise flexible/’unblocked’. Cynthia was excellent, I could praise her to high heaven. She knew exactly when to say the right word and was very engaged throughout the remedial ‘journey’. I thought I had remedial massage before but now I know I had not”. Sarka