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Renowned as an anti-aging tonic and for healing hundreds of different ailments, KOMBUCHA is a complete therapy and preventative medicine. In this 90m workshop, you will learn about its healing properties, how to make it, store it, taste it and be confident enough to brew an endless supply at home. Included in the workshop are all notes, a Kombucha making kit, including a 3.7 litre jar, muslin cloth, organic green tea, rapadura sugar and a SCOBY (mother culture) valued at $50. Snacks and herbal teas are included.


Grab a friend or a colleague and learn how to give and receive the most amazing massage treatment in this 2 hour workshop. You will learn an easy to follow massage sequence including my secret tips of the trade to relax and soothe aching muscles and joints. You will take turns practicing on your partner using high grade magnesium enriched massage oils and end with some invigorating stretches, a gentle guided meditation and time for any questions that may arise. What to bring pp: 2 bath towels pp and one face towel. I will provide the rest. Snacks and herbal teas are included.

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